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The Everest Story

Everest Infrastructure Partners owns and markets thousands of wireless infrastructure locations that help connect today’s rapidly evolving communications networks.  We are a team of industry veterans with expertise in delivering mission-critical solutions to hundreds of network operator customers.

We are energized to support the incredible potential of emerging technologies that provide enhanced connectivity for the next generation of wireless networks.  With dedicated operations in New Zealand, Australia, Portugal, and the United States, Everest Infrastructure Partners is one of the largest and fastest growing wireless tower companies in the world.

Cell Tower Experts

The Everest team has collectively developed, acquired, and managed over 10,000 telecommunications assets over the past 20 years. We provide infrastructure solutions to national mobile operators, government, public safety entities, utilities, broadband providers, and enterprise customers.

Everest evaluates each investment opportunity as being unique and has a demonstrated ability to offer creative financing and structured solutions to address the needs of both individual and institutional partners.  Your asset will be individually evaluated and a tailored acquisition proposal will be created to suit your requirements.

With current capital commitments across its platforms of more than $2.5 billion NZD, Everest is positioned to consider portfolio acquisitions of up to $250m NZD with no minimum transaction size.

Leases Under Cell Towers
If you are the owner of residential, commercial, or industrial properties with existing cell towers, Everest is interested in acquiring the lease rights from you. Numerous transaction structure options are available.
Rooftop Assets
Rooftop cell tower assets, often referred to as rooftop cell sites or rooftop wireless infrastructure, are telecommunications facilities and equipment located on the rooftops of buildings or other structures.
Land Under Cell Towers
Everest is interested in acquiring land beneath existing cell towers, which can be accomplished through either the outright purchase of the land or subdividing the land under the tower.
Cell Towers
Everest is interested to acquire individual communication tower assets as well as portfolios of such assets. Everest presently owns more than 2,000 of such tower assets in markets around the world.

Meet The Team

Our team has decades of experience in Wireless Infrastructure.  We are exclusively focused on delivering cellular connectivity and infrastructure solutions throughout New Zealand and Australia.

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Everest Infrastructure ANZ is actively looking for new acquisitions and growth opportunities.

If you would like to have a discussion with us regarding your telecommunication asset or lease, please call, email or contact us using the form below.

New Zealand Office

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